Oway -Organic Salon Products – From Farm to Chair

Organic Way (Oway) is the world’s first professional organic hair color, care and styling line with biodynamic, organic and fair trade ingredients.  Oway’s green chemists hand select the highest quality formulations to achieve professional results without the use of common salon toxins.  Oway supports a multi-sensorial, non-toxic salon experience with active botanicals and pure essential oils.

Oway Organic Hair Color

Oway Hcolor is the world’s first professional hair color formulated with the highest concentration of organic, biodynamic and fair trade ingredients.

Oway’s green chemists have created a beautiful balance between performance and nature with nourishing, gentle formulations that even the most sensitive clients will love.

Why Ammonia Free Hair Color?

Salon Organic chooses the alternative to Ammonia because it releases its energy more evenly, making the color process much gentler on the hair, the scalp, the stylist, the client and the general environment of the salon.

Oway Organic Hair Products

Oway’s professional organic hair care and styling products are artfully formulated with biodynamic botanicals, organic ingredients, and pure essential oils and no toxic additives.

Unleash your creativity and free yourself from: parabens, PEG/PPG/BG, mineral oils, artificial colorants, EDTA and synthetic fragrance.  These creative, versatile organic hair styling products gives holistic hair enthusiasts the ability to style, sculpt and shine with nourishing formulas that protect hair against humidity and prolong style.
Biodynamic Marrubium reinforces hair’s delicate structure and adds all natural UV protection.
Organic Black Quinoa is rich in high quality phytoproteins which strengthen and protect hair.
Organic Aamla is an African fruit known for it’s high quantity of Vitamin C, giving hair shine and nourishment.
Fair Trade Marula restores, protects and hydrates hair for ultimate health and shine.
Eco Packaging in pharmaceutical, amber bottles to preserve formula potency, while being infinitely recyclable.