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Detox Your Hair

Beautiful woman with a luxurious hairMaintain and restore vibrant, healthy hair and scalp with a Spring detox!

Salon Organic’s Spring Hair Detox treatment provides dramatic results in two rejuvenating parts.

The first step is removing build up from the hair – revitalizing damaged or processed hair.

This is followed by infusing your hair with antioxidant rich vitamins and proteins – strengthening and replenishing thirsty hair.

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New Dr. Hauschka Products

Salon Organic now has the new spring colors from Dr. Hauschka

Bring a new sparkle to your eyes this season, with this dazzling new collection.

The Limited Edition Collection of Spring 2013 includes:

Eyeshadow Trio –
Eyeshadows in beige, rose pink and chocolate highlight your eye color and emphasize your beauty and individuality.

Black Eyeliner (in new formulation with smudge applicator) –
Black eyeliner emphasizes the unique shape of the eyes. Mineral pigments fused with botanical waxes lend the pencil a soft smoothness.

Volume Mascara Black (with new brush) –
New brush provides volume and curve to the lashes, making eyes vividly expressive. Original formulation of beeswax and candelilla and rose waxes combined with silk protect lashes.

Eyeshadow Blender Brush & Eye Definer Brush –
High quality, professional brushes ensure make-up is applied where and how you want it, allowing you to achieve the looks seen on runways and in magazines. Made from pony hair.

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Hair Color Trends: Spring & Summer 2013

Ahhh the warm weather….time to open up those windows and let the fresh air blow through those new highlights everyone is talking about his season. What is springing up in color trends?

  • Salon Organic Original: Golden Brown with Milk Chocolate Highlights

    Golden Coppery Red Contrasted with Red Velvet Sombre

  • Strawberry Washed Blonde
  • Rose Gold Highlights
  • Buttery Blonde with Toffee Lowlights
  • Smokey Mink Brunette

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Phthalates? Not in organic hair color.

no phthalatesDid you know that Phthalates have been linked to: 

  • birth defects
  • reproductive system damage
  • obesity
  • hyperactivity in children
  • liver, kidney and lung damage

Did you also know that phthalates, chemicals found in common hair styling products, do not have to be listed on hair care ingredient label, leaving it practically impossible for pregnant women to avoid purchasing products that contain them?

At Salon Organic, we only use hair care lines that are phthalate-free making our salon a desired location for women at all stages of their pregnancy.

Many women do choose to color their hair the Salon Organic way.  However we recommend for each woman, particularly during pregnancy to check with her health care provider before beginning any hair treatment.

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Dangers of Ammonia in Hair Color

Organic Hair Color = Happy Healthy Hair

Wanting to cover up those stubborn grays?   Or does your hair color reflect the current trend?  Maybe you need to restore discolored hair from the sun or chlorine?  Coloring hair has been a long time solution for all of these things and traditionally has involved a variety of chemicals that causes more damage in the end.   Ammonia is only one of those to look out for.


Did you know ammonia:

1. is the number one ingredient in fertilizers
2. is used as rocket fuel
3. is the solution for hard-to-remove soap buildup in your bathroom
4. removes tarnish from your silver
5. is a cleaning agent for gold jewelry where commercial cleaners fail
6. cleans stains caused by pets, food and drinks.
7. kills mildew
8. helps repel moths
9. keeps garbage cans odor-free
10. eliminates paint odors.
11. is used as an oven cleaner.
12. produces toxic gases if mixed with bleach or other general home cleaning products.
13. needs ventilation when being used
14. should never have contact with your eyes.
15. is especially dangerous to pregnant woman
16. was found to be linked to bladder cancer in a study by the International Journal of Cancer
17. causes both short and long term damage to the throats and lungs including headaches, stinging eyes, and rashes.
Long term exposure can permanently damage the respiratory system.

Just imagine what it is doing to your hair?

natural ingredientAt Salon Organic, we only use ammonia-free color which:

1. produces a more even color
2. is gentler to your hair and scalp
3. lasts longer
4. is healthier for both you and the stylist
5. is non toxic to the body

Resolve to make this healthy choice for yourself.  Your hair will be renewed, and you will never look back!

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